A Brief History of Maranello Concessionaires


Maranello Parts Department

If you own a classic Ferrari, it’s fair to make a few assumptions about the things you appreciate in life. High on the list will be tradition, purity, history, excellence, experience and authenticity. So why do some – though mercifully few – Ferrari owners jeopardise all those qualities when they buy parts for their cherished classic Ferrari? We barely need tell you that no one offers more of those qualities that you value than Maranello Parts, the spare parts division of the legendary Maranello Concessionaires, but just in case you need a reminder…


Did you know that Maranello Parts now has the exclusive global distribution rights for all factory-made parts for any pre-1995 Ferrari road car. That means that we have now expanded our stock holding to include spare parts for the 348 and Testarossa. So if you buy a genuine Ferrari part – and why would anyone want to buy remanufactured parts with no assurance of them being fit for purpose? – anywhere in the world, it will have come to you via Maranello Parts in Egham. So why buy from anywhere else when you can buy direct from the source?

Of course, even before the most recent contract with Ferrari was signed, Maranello Parts was the number one place to go and we are already looking ahead to add the 355 and 456 to our portfolio.

There are more exciting developments on the horizon, too. A new IT system will soon offer an on-line ordering facility, plus we have agreed terms to occupy a new 30,000 sq ft “WORLD CLASS FACILITY” in the same vicinity to consolidate our current two warehouses into one. So this is a company that will continue to expand its business, its product base and its unrivalled service to classic Ferrari owners, Official Dealers and independent repairers.

As for authenticity, we hardly need tell Ferrari owners of its importance, but there are a few factors to bear in mind. Ferrari Classiche will only certify classics that use 100% genuine factory parts and that is all you will get from Maranello Parts. In fact, it is synonymous with dealing with Ferrari itself and with that comes the same quality assurance and accountability.


Nowhere in the world will you find more classic Ferrari parts in one place. Maranello Parts’ vast inventory of 28,000 lines and £30 million worth of parts doesn’t just focus on mass-market items such as washers and bushes for the newer models, browsing the warehouses offers a mouthwatering experience for any enthusiast. Managing Director Howard Rose says: “We have owners who fly to London on business, but make time to visit our warehouses because they’ve heard about them on the grapevine. They are never disappointed, because on our shelves they will find timewarp items that simply would not be available anywhere else, from engine and gearbox casings to original 275 and 330 body panels.”

He isn’t exaggerating. Visit Maranello Parts and an astonishing tradition is on show. Row upon row of neatly stacked and precisely annotated items ranging from the smallest switches to the largest capacity V12 blocks. You could build a whole new car – scores of new cars – from the parts lovingly stored in the warehouses. And then there are the other parts, a brace of original 250GT short-wheelbase wings still wearing the blue paint they were delivered with from Pinin Farina in the 1960s. It seems incredible that such a desirable item could be bought anywhere off the shelf as original stock today, yet it can. But then everything is here, whether your car is from the’60s, ’70s, ’80s or ’90s, whether it be GT or supercar, 250 or 328. Wherever you look there are crates proudly bearing the cavallino rampante and the legend “Genuine Ferrari Parts”, or bright yellow packing tape printed with the prancing horse to confirm this authenticity.

But just as important as the originality of the parts at Maranello is the experience of the people who send out almost 1000 consignments a month. The full-time staff can between them boast more than 200 years of experience working for this company, dealing with nothing but Ferrari parts every day. Two of those employers have clocked up more than 30 years each in the business. The net result of this is that the combined knowledge of the Maranello team can rival any organisation in the world. Their experience could prove as vital to you as the parts themselves.


Egham– a small town cropped close to the M25 just outside London – is the second most famous place associated with Ferrari in the world. Its links with the marque trace back to Britain’s first Formula 1 World Champion Mike Hawthorn who struck a deal with his boss – Enzo Ferrari himself – to sell Ferrari road cars in the U.K. After Hawthorn’s tragic death, racer, privateer and dealer Col Ronnie Hoare stepped in and from 1960 became Ferrari’s UK distributor through his then Bournemouth-based Maranello Concessionaires. Seven years later he moved the operation to a former Vauxhall dealership and Shell filling station, the famous art deco Tower Garage on the outskirts of Egham. Designed by Rix and Rix and built in the Jubilee Year of 1935, the site soon became a Ferrari landmark. The colonel sold out to TKM in 1987 and Inchcape took the reins in 1991. By then this fast-expanding business was split into three – sales, service and parts – all based around Egham and neighbouring Thorpe.

After Sytner Group took over from Inchcape one year ago a true enthusiast company took the helm again at Maranello Concessionaires and with racing legend Roger Penske now controlling the Sytner Group that bond has grown tighter still. From Hawthorn and Hoare to the present day, the standards, principles and visions of Maranello Concessionaires remain undimmed and unchanged.

So now you know a bit more about Maranello Parts, where it has come from and where it is going. Hopefully, it will be enough to reassure you that it is the number one – in fact the only sensible – choice for your genuine Ferrari factory parts. With our unrivaled knowledge and expertise we are committed to supporting the global Ferrari vehicle parc, so please feel free to contact us on +44 (0) 1784 436222 or via e-mail at parts@ferrariparts.co.uk whatever component part or assistance you require